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                                                                                                    AMBER PSYCHIC MEDIUM & HEALER


I guide, heal and read your future timeline. Not many can read timelines, this is the oldest known way to read a persons life and future.... 

You may ask, what is a timeline reading? 

A timeline reading explained  

Here are the three areas that we function from. The physical which is your grounding, the emotional, where most of your decisions come from and the subconscious mind that feeds your instincts. 

The reason why you have instincts {gut feelings} is because your chakras operate from an invisible antennae, that sends bolts of energy to various parts of your body. We are all connected by this energy because its universal.... Using my psychic abilities I can tap into these areas and read what is know as your destiny timeline, whether that be in your past, present and future.    

A knowledgeable spiritual teacher, can help you to change your mindset and train you to heal your soul, that in time can give you the power to change wrong decisions into positive actions and put you on the right path in life.... 

Your destiny is set from birth, but you can branch off along the way.

I.e. If it is your purpose to live in a certain country or place, you may wonder the globe but your soul will generate back to its purpose, and at some point in time push you towards your soul tribe circle. 

Your soul mates are not your twin flame, however, you can have wonderful relationships with soul mates. 

From the minute you are conceived your soul splits, which means your twin flame is the other part of your soul.

Thats why many people get tangled up with the wrong partners and go through life feeling that something is missing in their relationship. 

For many reasons some will not connect with their twin flame in this reality, but that doesn't mean you will never find happiness, of course you will. 

With the right mindset you can achieve anything you want...  


Please go to my BOOK PAGE where you will find books that I have written and links to where you can buy my books. 

From a spiritual point of view, I've studied, metaphysics, hypnotherapy and soul healing. These subjects came easy to me because I already had the foundation and expertise to apply them to my spiritual work....

I was born on the 11 feb, a very psychic number, so I guess my work was cut out for me before I was born and maybe the reason my psychic abilities were apparent from an early age... 

                                                      YOUR VISIT TODAY IS MUCH APPRECIATED 

  Payments and contact

I work from a booking system only, please contact me first for further details in regards to the readings, therapies and the type of healing I do, cost & my availability... 

[email protected]

Therapies & readings, vary in price.

    All monies earned goes to                                  rainbowbird&animalrescue.

                 Thank you.