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                                                                                                    AMBER PSYCHIC MEDIUM & HEALER

This website is designed with you in mind and covers many spiritual and healing topics. Please feel free to have a browse.

I have the gift of psychic sight, healing and spiritualism. I can read with or without any tools but I do enjoy working with the runes and one pack of tarot, that I feel chose me. I have tried many different tarot packs but out of hundreds there is only one that I enjoy working with. They are very uncanny because when a person is shuffling them the cards that are needed for the one seeking to be read, fly out without any prompting from the shuffler and I have to say they always read accurately. Its like spirit help to choose the right cards. 

Please go to my BOOK PAGE where you will find books that I have written and links to where you can buy my books. 


                                  Consciousness is real and Life is a soul journey.. 

                                                Thank you for your visit today

  Payments and contact

I work from a booking system only, please contact me first for further details in regards to the readings, therapies and the type of healing I do, cost & my availability... 

[email protected]

Therapies and readings, vary in price.

    All monies earned goes to                                  rainbowbird&animalrescue.

                 Thank you.