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                                                                                                    AMBER PSYCHIC MEDIUM & HEALER


I didn't learn my gifts or acquire them along the way, I was born psychic, remembering these special abilities even as a small child, having visions and dreams about people animals and our planet. Many members of my family are psychic too. Perhaps psychic abilities run through family bloodlines, even my three children have strong psychic traits, however, like many other psychics our gifts are unique to us and we have our own way of using them. Spirits surround me always and do not choose their moments. I can be shopping and one appears and says hi. On that note not all passed loved ones return, some move on quickly whilst others remain here for a while longer, that I cannot choose it is not my right but theirs... 

My spiritual work has lead me to many places, both here in the UK and through out the world, helping many people from all walks of life. On these travels I met the most amazing people, learning about different spiritual beliefs and cultures, including, Indian, African, Chinese, Mexican, irish, to name but a few... Who in turn passed on to me their unique knowledge of healing, psychic awareness, meditation and spirituality.

Please note: the spiritual plane is not just occupied by human formed souls, I have been a witness to many different spirit forms, from Animals to alien types, that have no doubt come from other planets and star systems, not just from this universe but other universes. Never think we are alone in this universe. The more conscious your mind becomes through channelling and meditation the more you will open your third eye and the wider your psychic radios will become.

Many of my clients stated that a consultation with me was not just a reading but also like a therapy. So after much thought I decided to study other subjects like Psycotherapy. I find past-life regression is the best tool to use when it comes to guiding people on a journey of self healing.

Did you know that hypnotherapy has a spiritual history attached to it and is the better therapy to practise when you wish to selfheal after trauma or even a psychical illness. 

Belief coding and the law of attraction practises comes from the foundation of hypnotherapy. Please understand that hypnotherapy does not necessarily mean a practioner can put you in a comatose state, this is not true and the reason many miss out on this wonderful self help healing therapy.


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