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There are many ways that we can use astrology to figure out why we act and feel a certain way that is not our usually way of behaving and feeling. One of the explanations can be that there is some transiting planet in a particular section of our horoscope that influence our natal planets.

The ways the planets are position when we are born are the way they will always stay in your horoscope and that is called your natal chart. However the planets are always travelling around and we call them the transiting planets.

When one of these planets enter one of your 12 houses in your natal astrology chart or make aspects to your natal planets, it is just as if an actor came on to the scene and acted out the influence of this new energy and you may be wondering what is hapening.

I have studied astrology for 40 years and it is my experience that the stars can reveal something about our personality and what kind of energy we can expect to be working with in the future. I look at a horoscope as a roadmap to help you choose which direction to take when you are at a cross road in your life.

The horoscope act as a guide, it tells you which energies are there for you to work with at that particular time. We do have choices, there is nothing in astrology that denies you free will and it is up to you to choose which direction you want to take.

Astrology teaches that you have free will up to a point, once you have decided on your chosen path it is up to you to take responsibility for yourself. Astrology doesn’t deny you free will in any way it only point out the direction that things are likely to take. It will give you insight to your potentials and possibilities, it will tell you in which area of your life you can shine. When your mind is made up and you have chosen your path, life and faith will then again take its course.

Astrology can be very accurate in its predictions and it enables us to choose the right time to start a new project such as a new career, occupation, marriage or more. It show you that there are times when you have to be patient and it is wise to wait. The time is not good to go ahead because the energy forces are going to be difficult to work with and it is better to wait for a more favourable planetary combination which will then be like working with a tail wind in your life.

Astrology is a guide to better understanding yourself and the people around you. It is mainly about yourself and how you handle and get on with people close to you. It teaches you to build a richer and happier life for yourself.