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                                                                                                    AMBER PSYCHIC MEDIUM & HEALER

Release from stress using the power of thought and imagination.

The spaceship 

This is a great script to use to help you sleep, it works for me and I hope it works for you. Please enjoy

reading it, I do hope it helps you to relax, de stress and find inner peace.

Before we begin I want you to feel that you are sitting in a comfortable position, and when you feel you are totally relaxed, we will proceed to begin your inner journey, from your conscious to your subconscious mind.

Together we will use a number system that I have chosen for this session. Starting from number one (your toes) up to number nine (your head). Using each number to represent a part of your body.

This exercise will help you understand your inner body and by doing this particular exercise, it will also give you the mind over matter equipment and tools that you will need to self heal, and also learn a deeper understanding of how your inner body functions when you go deep inside and into your organs, also helping you to learn about your inner body and self.

With some personal practice, you will find your own way, on how to use your mind to relax your body and muscles, finding peace and inner healing.

So let us now begin with you firstly relaxing letting go of any tension and feeling calm….

We will start with you watching my hand that is now pointing directly down at your toes, and as I do this I want you to watch my hand gradually raise up until I reach your head.

You are now going to go deep inside your body, and as you go you will be feeling your way all around the inside of yourself, visiting each and every body part, and as you visit each part, you will connect deeply, with all your bodily functions.

So let us now begin at number one…. (Your toes)

Now feel your toes relaxing, you can wiggle them a little if you like, and now move up to number two… your calf muscles, feel your calf muscles relaxing, and then move on to number three… your knees, feel your knees relaxing, and now number four…your thighs, feel your thighs relaxing. 

Now feel your body feeling relaxed… Relaxed and slightly heavier, and then number five… your lower abdomen, feel your abdomen relaxing, and now number six…your stomach, feel the muscles in your stomach relaxing, and if you feel a knot here, then visualise the knot undoing and then dissolving in your stomach acids.

We have now moved up to number seven…your chest and lungs. NOW!!! Stop here (And when you see my hand stop) take a deep breath in and then slowly breathe out feeling the air from your lungs release as we move on to number eight…(your wind pipe) and it is here that you will feel the air rush out through your mouth, giving you the feeling that you are releasing all your tension, anxiety and stress.

My hand will now continue to proceed on and upwards, and then come to rest at number nine… (The head area) at this point your mind will now feel less cluttered without all that tension you were feeling, because you have released it and blown it out! And it has floated away, leaving your body to feel calm and fully relaxed.

I am now going to relax my hand, back down to my side, and as I relax my hand I want you to now concentrate on the beginning of your new and exciting journey that you will enter from within yourself. However as you float away, you will still hear my voice, helping and guiding you.

Imagine that you are stood in a large open grassy field, and what you see in front of you is a circular part metal and glass panelled spacecraft, and as you approach the spacecraft, you instinctively ask yourself how the doors open! Then suddenly the doors open softly and you slowly walk up to them and climb aboard.

You have now realised that the spacecraft is programmed to only respond to voice command, so you say…doors close, and the doors softly close behind you. This system also gives you the choice to leave or stop the session whenever you want, because you are the one in control and I am only here to guide you.

Now you are inside, you can see that the spacecraft consists of a small circular room with nine big comfy beautifully covered soft white chenille fabric chairs that are all placed in a small but perfect circle, the floor is glass, and it is sitting on nine small strips of metal, that run in perfect lines across from one side of the floor to the other, and each one securely holds a piece of the glass between them, just like how a round glass windowed building would look, only smaller.

And as you look down you can see the grass through the glass that the craft is sitting on.

You walk around the room to firstly familiarise yourself, and then you sit down in the chair that faces the door, and as you sink down into the soft foam, you suddenly feel a sense of security and comfort wash all over you.

Now that you are comfy you are ready to begin your journey up through the stars and out into the galaxy…not only to explore and journey into many new worlds, but perhaps experience some of your past lives.

Just feel the peace and quietness of being alone with yourself, this is your time to relax…relax deeper and deeper leading your mind into deep visualisation.

Now imagine the spacecraft gently starting to take off and slowly begin to leave the earth, and as you float upwards towards the universe, you can feel yourself floating away, relaxing your body even more so, and falling deeper and deeper into trance. If you are still feeling a little anxious right now, this is a good time to release and let go of all your negative thoughts, beliefs and memories. Relax and go deeper and deeper until you reach the center of yourself, where you will find your truth and inner peace.

As you feel the spacecraft gathering speed and gliding up through portholes and past other planets, I want you to feel and see in your mind's eye the images of your life on earth now gradually start to fade into the distance, giving you a sense that your troubles are all behind you.

Now take a look through the spacecraft’s glass panels…can you now see the beauty of the universe emerge; and what you thought were stars, you can now see are other planets. How do you feel now? Is the inner excitement of venturing into the unknown beginning to emerge, perhaps making you feel like that happy child again, with no troubles to burden you, and all the feelings of freedom and no restrictions, emerging from deep within you. This is such an exciting time right now, drifting deeper and deeper into the unknown

This spacecraft only goes fast when gliding through port holes, therefore you have a good clear view when the spacecraft is slowly gliding past and slightly stopping to hover over other worlds, because you can clearly see them through the open glass panelled windows, this is also giving you the chance to decide on the one you would like to visit.

And as you feel yourself continue to glide around different universes, you can feel how your feelings of freedom and excitement have gradually built up a momentum.

Suddenly you have found the one that you think you recognise. It is an unspoilt version of planet earth.

The planet that you see, has never been visited by humans and therefore is untouched.

This world is covered with beautiful forests, rivers, grass lands, flowers, shrubs and oceans and is occupied by birds fish, and beautiful animals and insects.

And you are amazed at the bright and beautiful colours of the plants, flowers, insects, bird, and the amazing beauty of the Animals, It is so peaceful and untouched here.

You now command the spacecraft to stop and land here. When it does you are quickly out of your seat and excitedly walking across the glass floor, and as you approach the doors of the spacecraft, you command them to open, and as you step outside you feel the softness of the grass under your feet and also the warmth from where the sun has been shining down.

At this stage you do not hesitate and walk towards the untouched forest, because there is a large lake in the middle of the trees that you spotted when you glided down and came into land.

And as you are walking towards the lake you can see dolphins, just like the ones on your own earth, swimming in the pure fresh clean waters. You take a seat on a fallen tree that is close to the lake, and sit there for a while consumed in your own thoughts of how peaceful you feel.

If you like, you could visualise that you were an animal soul, perhaps you were a dolphin in a past life, living here on this beautiful planet and gracefully gliding through the unpolluted waters of the lake, or you can just return here in another vision at another time.

Remember you have that choice because it is your own personal inner journey.

Suddenly the sun has begun to set, and you decide before darkness falls that it is time for you to return to your awaiting spacecraft.

As you stand up and slowly walk back to your ship, you look around and feel in awe of how beautiful this planet is.

And as you breathe the fresh air and inhale the perfume from all the flowers and woodlands deep into your lungs, you feel

some what refreshed and at a deep peace, with yourself.

You are now ready to return back to your spacecraft, and because you have now experienced this journey, you know you can always return.

Feeling exuberant you climb aboard the spacecraft and sit back in the comfort of your chosen seat, you are now going to return back to the earth, gliding past the planets that you once thought were stars, and back down through the portholes, whizzing and gliding in your spacecraft, and basically having a great time.

Suddenly you feel that you are floating back down to earth, manoeuvring slowly until you gently land back onto the grass in the same field and where you had your first encounter with the spacecraft.

You now stand up from your seat in the spacecraft, and walk towards the doors, and then command them to open

The doors respond to your request and you step back out onto the grass, you then walk through the field and back into the room and sit back down in the same chair before your inner journey began.

It is now the time for you to come back into consciousness and your own reality.

Now rest your eyes on my right hand that I am holding just above your head, and as I move my hand downwards towards your toes, I will count backwards from your head that is at number nine, to your toes that are number one.

Ok! When you are ready let's count 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. I will now click my fingers and bring you back into conscious awareness.

You are now out of hypnosis, fully awake, alert and completely in control of all your senses, both physically and mentally.

You are now feeling totally relaxed.

I would now like you to stand up and give your self a big stretch, then you can sit back down relax and relish in the moment.

Thank you for allowing me to guide you on your journey and also letting go and releasing your stresses with me. From these past visions you will come to realise that each life time is a lesson for all our souls to learn, and for us all to continue to grow and evolve, so we can teach and be taught, heal and be healed in what ever way we choose, because no matter what we all always have the choice to do so.

© please note: this script is accredited to Amber Dwyer. Thank you.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.