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                                                                                                    AMBER PSYCHIC MEDIUM & HEALER

selected testimonials

I have seen Amber twice now, she came highly recommended by a family member.

The first time I had a reading from Amber, I'd gone to see her about a particular health problem and what she said was right and eased my mind at that time. On the second occasion I went to see Amber about a new health problem only this time it was a bit more serious because I had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Amber said she didn't feel bad about it and I would be ok. Amber offered me healing saying she would get to work right away. Even when she couldn't be with me personally she'd visualise me in a bubble of pure energy and send me some absent healing, She did as she promised using her own time. I could not believe what the Doctors told me when I went back to the hospital for further tests and to organise when I was going in to have my op. It was amazing, they told me my cancer had gone and they did not have an explanation as to why. I have no proof that it was Amber's healing but I personally do believe that spiritual intervention played a big part in my body healing itself back to full health. Thank you Amber you are a wonderful woman and your healing gift is absolutely amazing. 2016

Thank you Amber, love Gail xxx.

I have known Amber for many years now because she is a close friend of my sister-in-law, Ollie. I knew she was a medium but never felt the need to have a reading from her because I felt she knew too much about my personal life already. That's why what she told me one day last year when I was on a visit to my sister-in-laws, actually threw me because she was so accurate with that information. She looked at me and said your mums in hospital Jane, please enjoy the time you have left with her it's not long now, I feel maybe six months. Firstly, I was shocked because at the request of my mother I hadn't told anyone she was in hospital.  Secondly, because she had  been admitted for a gastric band to help her lose weight, and that isn't life threatening, so I thought at the time Amber had probably misunderstood the message. However, six months on my mum started to feel unwell and went back to the hospital for a check up. She had lost a lot of weight but we put it down to the gastric band. Sadly the tests came back that my mum had terminal cancer and the Doctors took me to one side to break the bad news that mum only had two weeks to live. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach, until I remembered Amber's words and I have to say they actually did give me some comfort, because how could she have known that. After the funeral I went to see Amber who told me my mum had a blue dress that she bought in her new slender size and that her friend was with her in spirit. He also looked after her in life and was now looking after her in spirit. My mum had purchased a new dress in blue that she'd hung up in her wardrobe, she also had a close friend with a name Amber said. In her life my mum had lost some children in a house fire and they too were with her. There are a few other things Amber told me, but they are too personal to write here. Amber has given me the comfort and strength that I needed to get through the grief of losing my mum in such a short time. I love you mum and I know you are watching and in a spiritual way looking after all of your loved ones still here on the earth plane. Thank you Amber for making that connection. I'm still not sure how you do it.  love Jane xxx  2015

The Manchester Evening News cutting form Lifestyle Insert 27th July 1991. Have my predictions come to pass? Yes, many have.... 

From: Katie Brown (Galaxy Manchester)


27 February 2008 11:38:21

To: Amber Dwyer ([email protected])

Hi Amber,

Thank you so much for last night you were brilliant and I have had fantastic reports.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you coming even though you were poorly and not letting us down.

I will hopefully see you again soon.

Kind regards,


Katie Brown

Marketing Executive

Galaxy Manchester

Dear Amber

I have so much to say to you Amber, you have given me so much confidence. You said, l know you're not looking for a fella, but I get the name Alan, he will tumble into your life. You laughed and said I'd marry him quickly, then go to live in America with him, and thats how it happened, we are going. So, before I go I would love to see you again.

Love Sue

Dear Amber

I would like to thank you for your guidance, everything you said happened. You said, around September my mother would slip away and she did, it was a blessing from the Gods as she had been ill for some time. You also said I would work for a new boss with the initial P and I actually am working for a new boss with that initial. He wants to come for a reading, Ive passed him your details. He's a nice man to work for. A lot more things happened just how you predicted but I would like to keep this letter short, Its just a few lines to say thanks and keep up the good work.

Love Cathy

Dear Amber

I wish you luck in what you are doing and what you say is right. There must be some divine intervention about to take place in our lifetime. Something is coming anyway. I will see you some other time if you cannot make the 5th of September.

Love Carol Jay